blood of the bloodless

Day I - Night

The Heist

Taz’s residence was Spartan at best. The interior was funtional, but devoid of any decoration to the point that Kellis was afraid his mood would sink to match that of Alphonse. They conjoured up a new plan and then set to wait for night fall. Kellis put out a bed roll and got in a few hours of sleep and the others busied themselves with waiting.

When the moon dominated the sky the three theives set to their work. The soldier, the bard, and the rogue found their way to the alleyway Kellis and Taz had occupied earlier that day. Kellis summoned his renewned magical abilites and turned Taz and Alphonse invisible.

“You’ve five minutes till you become opaque again, so hurry my fellow theives.” Kellis’s work was done and he went to find a drink.

The remaining two made a quick run to the mansion wall and scurried over. They dashed up the lawn and to the front door. After a few tense moments, Alphonse had the lock undone and they moved into the building. They entry way was empty and so the companions silently moved into the grand room. Taz made quick steps toward the kitchen door. And placed an ear to it. On the other side he heard a pair of guards engrossed in a discussion of their gambling. He pushed the door and despite his best efforts it made an audible squeak that peaked the guards interest. When he turned to flee the guards rose to investigate the reason the door had moved. They burst into the grand room and heard Taz thumping footsteps moving up the stairs.

“It’s the invisible man again! Gettim!” They rushed up the stairs only to find Taz and stopped at the top and was ready waiting for them. The inisble spear swung down atop the first one’s head and the obscurring enchantment broke. Taz was now fully visible and the battle was pitched. Meanwhile Alphonse had been working his way through the cabinaet in the grandroom to try and find the china they’d come for. He was wiothout luck in this venture, so he darted up the stairs past the brawl and down the hall to Celia’s door. He burst in without his manners and found his unfortunate host to be in the midst of a most intimate act that would have busybodies entertained for weeks. Niether of the naked parties couls discern what had disturbed their love making. The man from Celia and his member swayed in ominous warning against Alphonse’s invasion. Alphonse dodge aroung the room to reach the vanity where he could see the box he was here to retrive.



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